25 November 2014

Sunset in Warsaw

Daily photo - Sunset in Warsaw

Viewing terrace of St. Anne's Church is one of the best spots to photograph sunsets in Warsaw as it offers very nice view over the Old Town. Unfortunately at the moment there are some cranes from the nearby construction site which ruin the scene but they should disappear in not so distant future and then I plan to shoot another sunset there.

For some strange reason, EXIF info got removed from that photo (probably I did something wrong while saving the image), so today I'm not sharing it.
HDR photo of sunset in Warsaw seen from St. Anne's church viewing terrace.

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21 November 2014

Winter Midday Sun

Winter & HDR photo guide

As the winter is approaching quickly (we expect first snowfall in just a few days!) make sure you're prepared for shooting in beautiful yet difficult winter conditions by reading my tutorial about

Daily photo - Winter Midday Sun

Today I would like to share winter HDR image I took in Tatra Mountains some time ago. Despite the fact snow turned out somewhat grey in this image (I know that - it's an old picture though), I still like it. Maybe because I simply love mountains and am really missing them at the moment.
HDR photo of Tatra Mountains in Winter.

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19 November 2014

Night in London

Daily photo - Night in London

Today I would like to share Black & White HDR image I took at night in London earlier this year. The white glowing circle is of course the London Eye. I think that it looks pretty interesting in B&W.
Black & white HDR photo taken in London from Westminster Bridge.

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17 November 2014

Share your best of 2014

Share your best photos from 2014

Last year I invited you to share your best photos taken in 2013. Quite a few of my friends took part in that small project and so as current year is slowly coming to an end I decided to start another edition. I hope this year edition will be even better! With more participants and some really great photos!

If you would like to be part of this year's project, simply send me the links (in comments to this post) to 2 of your best photos and I will share them on my blog on 14th of January 2015. Additionally it would be good if you could email me those images (watermarked if you want) resized to 900px on longer side.

It doesn't matter whether you are pro or amateur - you will be featured on my blog. If there will be too many photos I will share them in a few turns but I will share all of them.

Some conditions that must be met:
  • The photos should be taken in 2014 (or at least be edited in 2014),
  • The photos must have at least 900px on the longer side,
  • Please provide the link to your page (and/or Facebook profile, 500px profile, SmugMug etc.) as well as the name under which you would like to be credited. You can also write short bio that I will put next to your photos.
  • Links to photos must be sent in the comments under this post,
  • You have to provide links to exactly 2 photos,
  • Please send both photos resized to 900px on longer size to tomanw@gmail.com wich subject "Best of 2014". I will use the photos only to embed them in the post. They can be watermarked of course.
Also please share this post with your friends - the more photos, the better :) 

Daily photo - Colourful sunrise

Today I would like to share old HDR image I took in 2012 on Fuerteventura. I really like reflection in that puddle as I think it adds a lot of interest to this sunrise image.
If you would like to learn how to create HDR photos yourself, make sure to read my free HDR tutorial which will guide you thru the process - from taking photos to post-processing them on your computer.
HDR photo of sunrise on Fuerteventura

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14 November 2014

750.000 page views of my blog :)

750.000 page views of my blog

I'm thrilled to announce that my blog has been viewed more than 750.000 times! I just discovered that a few minutes ago :) Thank you everyone for paying a visit, I really appreciate that. Next milestone - 1 million.

Daily photo - Sunset in Madrid

Honestly speaking, I'm slowly running out of photos I would like to share with you. There are still tons of unprocessed images, many of which look quite promising but I will probably just never manage to edit majority of them. Too many of them and so little time for post-processing. Anyone eager to help ;) ?

Anyway I found this image from Madrid that I haven't published here yet. It was taken during sunset near Debod Temple. Dynamic range was pretty big so I decided to use 7 exposures. Also, as I wanted a little blur on water, I stopped the aperture down to f/16 what allowed me to use longer exposures and achieve the effect I wanted.
HDR photo of Debod Temple in Madrid during sunset

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12 November 2014

London Underground

Daily photo - London Underground

Another photo today - this time HDR image I took in London underground. During post-processing I greatly reduced saturation & increased local contrast on this one to achieve more grungy and strong look.

If you would like to learn how to capture HDR photos yourself, make sure to read my free HDR tutorial.
Photo of underground station in London

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5 November 2014

Warm Light

Daily photo - Warm light

Time for another autumn photo (probably soon I will have a chance to start capturing winter photos as it's getting colder and colder each day here). This one is a single exposure image I took last autumn in Tatra Mountains. I love warm light that there is during this season of the year and in the post-processing I focused on making the most of it.

BTW if you would like to add warm look to your autumn photos easily, give my Autumn Presets for Lightroom a chance. The collection contains several presets and is available for free!
Photo of mountain huts in Tatra Mountains

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